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Thessaloniki,Makedonia, Greece
Feb 10, 2008
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22 min ago
YOU CAN SEE SOME INFORMATION ABOUT LESSONS, STUDYING, BOOKS AND DVDs HERE https://chesslessonsfree.com/. Chess helps you in developing and organizing your mind and your thoughts and for someone like me who loves mathematics it is always a challenge to search for all the possibilities and combinations. I enjoy commenting on the puzzles and sharing my thoughts with the others. I play real OTB rated games. If you want to become a great player don't mimic my training schedule, my opening repertoire and my style in general, you won't gain anything because I entered real competition chess in a late age. I also play against the "chessmaster10" at home, because it is the only opponent who is available when I have free time, accepts the time controls I want, offers all levels at my disposal to choose and would never say "no". Sometimes I play on this site as well. However,I have lost my will for many online and live games because of cheating. BAN THE CHEATERS WHEREVER THEY ARE. I NEVER FELT THAT THERE IS AN ECONOMIC CRISIS IN GREECE. IT IS A CRISIS OF VIRTUES AND NEW IDEAS. Watch my youtube channel with the same name "bgianis". Read my post in the off topics https://www.chess.com/forum/view/off-topic/ubelievable-fact-about-the-greeks
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