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Jim Atkins
Central Kentucky, United States
Aug 28, 2007
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12 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jan 25, 2008

I'm an avid golfer; hunter & music lover.I love the outdoors in general,there's nothing like sharing a campfire and a bottle of Johnny Walker Black with friends.I'm a decent photographer,my profession for most of my life.I took some but not most of the posted photos.I'm married to the love of my life;Jean.Proud of my wonderful son,Chad and my sweet daughter-in-law,Wendy. I have two step sons Josh; his sweet wife Jessica & Jeremy.Both fine young men.Two beautiful,talented,precious grandaughters,Brooke & Kyla;and my son-like nephew Christopher.I love to travel and have been to numerous countries,40+.Most of my adult life I lived in Texas,California & Kentucky. I love the ocean but not the beach,I love to hear the wind in the rigging of a marina full of sailboats.I love walking along a winter seashore,where my tracks are the only ones seen.I love to see a line of brown pelicans skimming the waves for breakfast on a grey November morning.Yea,I love the ocean & Redwood trees.I have a full and fortunate life!  I learned to play chess at age 11,sixth grade and I've played off and on over the years mostly with my son.I have too many brainfarts to ever be very good,but enjoy the game.I like the idea of playing chess with people from all over the world,so I enjoy this website.I really like the dozen or so extremely nice people that I play with regularly.You know who you are !!

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