I have just finshed and published my first book, I have had a lot of great feedback from those people that have bought it and I am already writing book number two. It is on sale on ebay it is called "I Wish I Hadn't Thought of That" and here is a synopsis of the book in case you would like to find out a little more about it before you buy one! It is also on sale from my website...  




Sidney Etheridge is a brilliant inventor who lives with his 59 year old wife, Doris. She has a libido matched only by the village Vicar!

Doris and her best mate, DHSS, that she met whilst in Holloway prison, get up to all sorts of mischief, including putting Viagra into the beer barrels at their local pub.

Sid’s latest invention takes them to Downing St, then across the world. Threatened by terrorists groups who want the formula, they become rich overnight, but can they keep hold of their bounty?  

Watching their every move, is a detective whose favourite programme is The Sweeney, likes to be called Regan and lives each day only to put Sid behind bars.

Light from the halls of Parliament shines on Sid, yet the dark shadow of the Old Bailey threatens to ruin it all.

Can anyone save them at the eleventh hour? The novel takes you through highs and lows on a journey you won’t want to end! 




Now a little bit of my background...

I used to be a weight lifter and I am 6ft 6inch tall and self employed, also love golf, boxing , go fishing and I keep chickens and grow my own vegetables, and make my own wine! I spent most of my youth, two steps in front of the Police, 4 years as a professional singer under the name of "Mike Stand". I am writing a book about my Yo-Yo dieting in the past, and the massive amount of weight I have lost do date, which is eleven and a half stone, I had 3 stone more to lose, and in the past year I have put nearly all of it back on! The book also covers parts of my life that I feel would be of interest to others, for example I was a bare back rider with Billy Smarts Circus, I lived in a slum as a kid although my great Grandmother was Lady Davenport and my great grandfather Sir Henry Davenport, the Sherriff of London, they lived in and owned a house in Grosvenor Square which is now an Embassy,He was one of the richest, and most powerfull men in the country, there is a photo in my book of my Great Grandparents . My eldest brother was an England International football player and also played for Watford, Sheffield Utd, Leeds Utd and Q.P.R Here is the link to my book, I won the British Invention of the Year award in 2008, shown live on BBC1 "The One show" In 2010 I won the Platinium award for my Wheelchair swing seat plus a silver and cut glass rose bowl and a cheque for £2,000 both in recognition of my work on behalf of Innovation in Schools and Prisons which joins my two " double gold awards,Birmingham best in show award, 8 gold medals and 3 silver medals. I have also won design awards for engineering and various other trophy's won over the years, I have also appeared live on G.M.TV , live on Sky TV and interviewed by Radio stations in many different countrys. I take a class at my local school every Thursday afternoon and talk about inventions and have started a school club called the Young inventors club! also 3 more invention clubs, one with the Prisoners of Coldingly Prison called "Inmate Innovations" another with a Autistic children of Croydon called the "Rain-bow club and finally one with the Disabled people of Croydon.with regards to this great game of chess I love it ! win or lose ! I always play fairly, and never go on "Vacation" during a game to get out of an awkward position, I am also proud to be a member of (C o T OTB ) and one of five Super admins for Team England

Here is the BBC's The One Show interviewing me about my entry to the 2008 British Invention Show: Although you will see me getting a medal from Marty the B.B.C1 presenter, the whole crew had to get back to the studios after the live link so they were not present at the awards ceremony later that evening, if they had been you would have seen me go on to win TWO DOUBLE GOLD TROPHYS, and the one award all us British inventors want to win,THE BRITISH INVENTION of the YEAR 2008-2009 and I was really surprised but overjoyed.