adenan metussin
water village .B.S.B, Brunei
Jul 5, 2008
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Jul 11, 2013
iam Adenan my english no so good because iam not attending english school. I only speak because iam a businessman. I play just for fun nothing else my hobby is having so many friends and fans artist from rtb and radio Brunei .I was runner up 1992 RTB talentime.I remember my song was a Malay sonng 'KAWIN LARI ' in English MARRY WITH A WIDOW AND RUN AWAY ....hahaha and also become finalist in the Radio Talentime 2004. My hobbiesm now in the past time composing Malay and English song that i have already upload in midomi and YOU tube so i invite you all to tune to this song and i hope you enjoy the MUSIC.if if any one like to play in facebook add me adenan metussin.
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