I am a Wolverine!! (University of Michigan - Class of 1996) Go Blue!! I live in Hockeytown, home of the 11x Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings!! I have worked on and/or acted in many films and TV shows including 61* (directed by Billy Crystal - HBO Films), LONG LIVE THE DEAD (2007 - Alienstone Entertainment), and American Virgin (starring Rob Schneider and Jenna Dewan).  I was the title character in THE SILENCER which won 1st place at the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival.  One day I hope to win an Oscar and the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.  I've hosted over 1,200 shows of Sporcle Live which can be heard on I used to play chess with my grandfather all the time when he was alive. I never beat him. My dad did a couple of times, but not many. I recently started playing again. My daughter and I play on the board that I inherited from my grandfather, and my dad turned me onto this site so that he & I could play again as well. I've played chess, but never studied it, so I couldn't tell you what any of the openings / attacks / defenses are called. I just do it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.  Update: since I've discovered I've gotten better at identifying openings, but I'm still working on my execution of them.  At the moment, my 1st move as white is always 1.e4, and my first move as black is always 1...Nf6.  And as I'm opening with my Dark Knight, I just feel compelled to say, "I'm Batman."  Come join my online group here called The Dark Knights!!  Everyone is welcome!! I also founded these groups:  Animal Lovers (My daughter's group, I'm a Super), The 2K Club (for people with ratings over 2000), The Chess Turtles (for people who don't like to rush or be rushed), Detroit Rook City (for people who live in and around the Motor City), To anyone who has played me, is playing me, or will play me:  I'm sorry I move so slow sometimes.  This thread explains why: It also explains why I needed to set a maximum number of games on myself.  If the system is telling you that I'm not accepting challenges, it's cuz I'm over my limit.  Sorry.   By popular request, here is a trailer from one of my movies.  I'm not in this clip a whole lot, but it's a start.  There is some explicit language in this one too.  I apologize for that.  I'm working on finding something else.  But in the meantime, Enjoy!!   Let me know if you watch it, please.  I hope you like it.  I'm the one saying, "The bar was overrun!  It's full of zombies!!" Here is a clip of a couple scenes from Long Live the Dead that I am featured in (the explicit language has been bleeped out in this one):   Long Live the Dead 2: Super Zombies has been released!!  The Premiere was AWESOME!!!  It is one of those rare examples where the sequel is better than the original!!     And here is the short film which won 1st place in the 2008 Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival's 48-hour film challenge.  The whole thing was written, shot, and edited (from start to finish) in 48 hours.     I've completed another 48-Hour Film Challenge, and this one came out GREAT!!!  It's called, "The Delivery," and I am the main character!!  I'm in every scene, and in almost every shot!!  Out of 300 films from across the country, only 30 got posted on the Web Site, and we're one of them!!  We won Best Spy Genre!!  Here it is (beware - I've bugged the director for a clean version of this, but it still does not exist, so there is explicit language in this one too, sorry):     My Home Pages: