Jesus died for you on the cross. Don't give up hope. Don't look to end it all for yourself, because there is a Hope out there, the name being Jesus Christ, His Father, and the Holy Spirit.

We all go through things, some worse than others. And even if terrible things have happened to you, or is happening to you in your life, Jesus knows because He felt every single pain you are feeling while He died on the cross. He felt every single terror and sadness, bitterness, and anger that you might feel.

There is Someone out there who completely understands what you are going through; that person is Christ Himself, no one else. And if you don't want anyone in your life to know what's going on, He knows. It can be just between you and Him. Bring it to Him. Even if the pain still happens and is happening, you still have hope and you'll know where you are going when you die: Heaven where there will be no pain, sorrow, tears, scars on mind or body, and just pure, unfiltered joy. Amen!

Please, please don't reject this. Don't carry the pain yourself, or else it'll weigh you so much you won't ever be able to get up again because of it.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. -Psalms 23:4

Then they spit in His face and struck Him. And some slapped Him. -Matthew 26:27

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I enjoy reading poems and creations people have made, and this one has really caught my attention written by @OnyxOrca (goosebumps!)


She speaks in words I do not know

Yet I understand all the same

She says to me 'It’s time to go.

Today’s your judgement day'

I laughed

And watched

Her skeletal frame

And asked with disdain

'How could you, with a body more sickly than I,

Dare to lead me

In my resistance to the afterlife?'

She stared coldly

I grinned boldly

She looked at me and shook her head

Inexplicably I felt doused in dread

'Stubborn man

I am no stronger than mourning mist

But I have confidence to lead all who’d hope to resist

My mother is no one person

But my father is Time

As long as he passes

An elephant will have strength weaker than I

So you

Who fears not my skeletal frame

Is a blind fool I know I can tame

But fear not

You sow your seed and pick your lot

So long as you live morally

In mortality

Of Judgement you can worry not'

I shivered

I had not lived well

I had spoken with vicious mouth

And done with vicious hand

I’d cursed the beggars to their hell

And stole the earnings of child and mouse

Even when I was richest in near all land

She whispered again

'Wicked man

Come, take my cold hand

Your time has come

Your judgement I demand

All must kneel to my father

All but my mother

And all shall fall

Into my embrace

So evil man

Accept my grace

Now you, far weaker than I

Are destined to die'

This is my letter of quittance from the most difficult language in the world, my arch nemesis by the name of Koine Greek:

Dear Greek, 

I know not how to say this, but this has gone much, much too far for me. I care not for you and I must move on to my favorite, who indeed goes by the name of Russian. I fear as if you, Greek, hate me, and the feeling I dare say Your words, with the touches of harsh inflection, have been thrown countless times at me; and I quite frankly not even knowing what they mean, have hurt my mental stability. I find myself waking up, the sweat drops faintly seen upon my forehead, whispering over and over the paradigm with which you have set for me to obey. I cannot be a slave to something else. I will and always shall be my own person who refuses to be tied down by you who considers yourself to be the Alpha and the Beta. Well, I've had enough. Therefore, with these words I bid you adieu.

Quitting you, I am and always will be-


"Run away when I used to fall next to you,

run away when I used to whisper in your ear,

run away when I used to follow your steps."


"Rainbows and mist, mist and your touch, touch and my eyes see the blue bird fly."


As I walked in the night

the moon hung over me so bright,

and I couldn't help but feel

ever so free.

The stars danced and twinkled,

I felt an urge to join.

My heart did a beat, and I began to sing

A breeze tickled my hair, and joys began to ring.

Joys of heaven, joys of earth, and joys of the Lord.

Coyotes howled, and dogs barked.

Deer scrambled, their white tails waving.

Yet I felt no fear. 

I lay down in the soft, waving grass, my eyes open and clear.

And what I saw made me smile in joy.

The sky began to sing, and open its mouth.

The Milky Way stretched her lovely arm in an arch to see,

while stars zoomed across the inky sky, laughing in their glee.

The moon seemed to smile softly, shining his light,

and the clouds danced their way along.

As the sky sang, the trees joined in with a lovely sigh.

And the beautiful coyotes began with their mournful cry.

The air was filled with music that stays in my heart,

which I can never forget. Thank you my King, for Your creation,

and Your magnificent love. 


Winter, you have chilled me to the bone. But I still love you....


The snow shone in a dazzling glitter,

as the breeze played with the trees, making them flitter.

A sudden gust of wind arose,

and caused the gloomy clouds to fight.

Big, white drops of sweat fell from the heavens,

and whispered their way along,

while the fluffy birds chirped their quiet song.

The trees protested their white burden,

and the sleeping grass yearned to wake.

The snow melted caressingly in a warm hand,

kissing the lips of a smiling mouth.

The geese have found their way south. 

Adieu, adieu, adieu to you!

The season that is refreshing, quiet, and impish....

Dear, dear, sweetest Winter!