I learned to play chess at age 4. I played in my first tournament in 1972, and have been playing on and off since then. I play correspondence chess through USCF, where I carry a candidate master rating, having reached a peak rating of 2164. I play ICCF (current rating of 2272), international correspondence chess, and have achieved the title of Correspondence Chess Master (CCM). My favorite players of all time, based only on their games, would be, not necessarily in order, Morphy, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Tal, Spassky, Fischer,Petrosian, Karpov, and Kasparov. The most gracious titled players I have met in person are IMs Walter Shipman, Max Cornejo, and Victor Rodriguez Garcia, and GMs Boris Gulko and Andrey Stukopin. I have also directed several chess tournaments, am a ceritified director through the USCF, and have taught chess mainly to children.