I am from the Philippines but currently living in the US. I used to play chess a lot during my High School and College days. I was with the School's varsity team until I graduated from college. After graduation though, it's all about work and learning new job related skills so I rarely played chess during those years. And when I got married in 1993, it's all family life and work and I was away from chess since then.

I resumed playing chess again when we moved here in the US but mostly online games via Internet Chess Club (ICC). I'm glad I also found  and I'm again able to play chess anytime I want to.

I am more of a positional type of player but oftentimes, when I’m in the right mood, would try to complicate things and play wild and crazy games especially on blitz to practice on my tactics or simply just to have fun 😉.

Looking forward to meeting new friends and play this noble game that we all love.



"First restrain,  next blockade, lastly destroy." ~Aron Nimzovich