BlingGamer Community Streamer

Hello everybody! My name is BlingGamer, or Alex. I am 15 years old, and am just a chill Aussie. Subscribe to me on youtube!

Good friends and what I think about them:

@mc_07 - This guy is a lad and a half. I know this guy in real life.
@B5DV - Very good tactical player. Don't let his ratings fool you!
@frainer1 - An awesome guy. Very caring and is very chatty!
@ADAM_PEATY - Funniest guy I have ever met! You having a bad day? Ask this guy to cheer you up!
@JCH2021 - Very good! Such an awesome personality as well
@Silas99 - Very good tactical eye and puzzle GOD!
Some of my swimming Personal Bests: Try to beat these if you dare!!
50m Freestyle: 26.95 seconds
50m Butterfly: 28.93 seconds
50m Backstroke: 32.19 seconds
50m Breaststroke: 32.83 seconds
100m Freestyle: 59.28 seconds
This is me, BlingGamer, in a nutshell