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I'm Bradley Loh and I run the Singapore Chess Meetup group that meets at Singapore every Wednesday at Asia Square from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Players of all levels and abilities are welcome, and we have a dedicated Improvers Corner, special endgame puzzle prizes and a Winner Stays on Blitz.


Please check out the link to my Meetup group below

Singapore Chess Meetup


I have been featured in the Singapore Straits Times for reviving the Singapore Adult Chess Scene. Please see the article below

Straits Time Chess Featuring Bradley Loh


Please also visit my blog where I largely annotate my own games for self educational purposes


I am a qualified FIDE Chess Trainer, and am available for lessons in Singapore.


Do you have a child that would like to improve their chess?

Have you played for a few years and find you're not improving?

Do you find you blunder pieces for no reason and don't know why?

Are you lost for a plan after the opening?

Do you lose games even though you’re up a clear pawn (or two)?

Are you seeking a training program to improve your level of play?

Are you curious as to how good players think about the game?


I cater to all levels of play ... from complete beginners to 2000+ rated players.


My Chess teaching philosophy is that I do not lecture, but rather guide you to find the answers yourself. A typical session would involve us working through a famous game or position where you are asked to try to find the next move or plan. As a trainer, I would probe and ask you questions that lead you to your own discoveries.

I am a big believer of being active in your own training. Passive learning such as reading a chess book without trying to guess the next move, or watching chess videos (without pausing to solve what happens next) is not the optimal way to improve.

I do not coach by a "one size fits all". I would identify what areas you need to address first. This typically may be sight of the board, tactical vision and patterns, middlegame planning, endgame technique and strategy. I generally advise against serious opening preparation until the 1800+ level.

Chess material I like to work from are the My Great Predecessors series (Kasparov), 1001 Winning Chess sacrifices and Combinations (Reinfeld), Silman's Complete Endgame Course (Silman), Capablanca's Best Chess Endings (Chernev), The Middlegame (Euwe and Kramer).

References from current students is available upon request.