From India. Helped grow one Miyawaki mini firest (* well we did make a few short cuts so its a 70% there mini miyawaki) in the common area of our buildings. Hope other people do too. We need more trees. This is a way to get a thick cover in less space. Basically go 3.5 feet down (atleast so soil is dug up) Mix compost, fallen leaves, some thing like corn waste or sugar cane waste of rice husk to loosen soil, coconut shells broken in to small pieces (cocopeat) to hold water) and plant native to that area trees, very close to one another, taking care to grow trees that grow tall (30+ feet) near 2-3 that grow less (1 10-20 feet high, other 2 20-30 feet high) so they take up different vertical spaces when grown, kind of like flats/ apartments)

See We did one in muy flats. Very proud after 1.5 years see images at

• Can get detailed instructions from They even did a one in the Netherlands ( using google translate; they have many now, even have a pin code lottery, and planted 10k saplings all over Netherlands)

• Handy calculator for margin and grow area  .

* Photo is of the one in my building. My idea, 2018 September. Some of them have grown well now!

* We dont add man made fertilizers or any chemicals.


* Costs in INR Rupees