Bob Hilligins
Dallas, Texas, United States
Feb 6, 2008
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I am a nobody who works nowhere. I like being aggressive and using the Halloween Gambit but my attacks usually fail. So now I also grab pawns instead of gambling them. Lately I have been hating endgames less, hopefully my play is maturing. Anyways, my controversial list of the top 5 players of all time: 1.Bobby Fischer - Wiped out 2 top grandmasters 6-0! 2.Gary Kasparov - Peak rating was a record 2851 ELO! 3.Paul Morphy - Beat every top player in a match (except Staunton, who avoided Morphy) 4.Jose Capablanca - Boring player, but I have to admit he is really good! Went 8 years without a single loss. 5. Alexander Alekhine - Was World Champion for 19 years! Plus, he beat Capablanca.   The picture on my profile: Kevin Rudolf

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