I love to write, listen to music, and play music. When I'm not doing one of those three things, I'm either doing homework or just having fun. I am currently training for my private pilot's license, which I hope to get before the end of summer. I will be attending college in the fall, where I hope to study physics. I also hope to stay in band throughout college and possibly take fencing, as I fenced for my senior project and found it exhilarating. I first played chess in 6th grade when my math teacher taught my class how to play. I've played occasionally since then, and I've improved, but I wouldn't consider myself above "beginner" level. Still, I've won against family and friends, which is good enough for me. I tend to play more defense than offense, but I'm trying to change that. Incidentally, fencing is sometimes called "physical chess," and I've found I fence exactly the same way.