May 15, 2011
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The game of chess is why I play on this site. I'm a monitor as well. Primarily, I clean up activity pages of other players. Usually, I delete  a message if it's offensive and violates the code of ethics of Only on a rare occasion will I discipline a player abusing the privileges granted to every player on this site. 

I chose to mute all my messages.  It's a personal choice.  Works well for me. Too many times, I was receiving vulgar, insulting, and threatening messages during the game.  In reality, I see it all the time on other player's activity pages. I delete inappropriate messages constantly. If the situation calls for it, I will follow a habitual offender who constantly harasses other players. If I find evidence that the abuser is frequent and a miscreant, then sanctions will be appropriate.  Punishment can be muting, suspension and even expulsion from the site. does not particularly want to resort to these measures, Yet, it's more important that the site be user friendly, and not a vulgar and threatening site.   

With my settings on mute, the game becomes the issue, and not the messages. If you choose not to play me for this reason, that's fine by me. I've never had a problem finding a game. It's only a matter of seconds before a challenge is created.  I've played many opponents who play muted games. They seem to be OK with my outlook. 

As for rematches, sure, I accept them. I also decline them. Just as I request a rematch with an opponent, that opponent will either accept or decline. I don't question why a particular player accepts or declines my requests. It has nothing to do, at all, actually, with any particular reason to continue playing an opponent.  Afraid? I read that all the time on others activity pages. Afraid of what? Losing a game? As I type this, I've lost over 31,000 games. Therefore, if I accept a challenge and lose, my winning percentage would drop by .003%.  Less than three thousands of a percent.  To state it another way, my percentage would change 1 divided by 31,000.  Yeh, I'd be terrified to watch my game percentages drop so drastically............oh, pleeeaaasssee.....It is so utterly absurd to say I won't play a rematch because I'd be afraid of losing.  As one can surmise one more loss ain't gonna effect or affect me in anyway., So, the possibility of losing one more means absolutely zero in the scheme of things. A comment from another player about the  fear of losing is laughable, ridiculous,  shallow and made by, and for the most part, sore losers.  It's a game. A game. Nothing more.  There a multitude of explanations. It is not necessary to accept every rematch request.  Neither should an opponent question why I accept or decline a request for another game. I've played black as much as I've played white, as do others. Statistically, I've played 50.2% of my games as white. It's well within  the  acceptable standard deviation of all games played.  An insignificant number.  I don't shy away from playing black or white. I play the hand I'm dealt. If I have a fear at all, and I don't, it would be the fear of being late for dinner. And if you saw me you'd see I'm never late for that.

In regards to cheating: I've never cheated by using an engine, or any other method in the game. I don't know how. I don't even know where to link up to an engine, or the websites, or address of such devices. Early on,, before I muted on my messages, I received a couple of messages accusing me of using an engine. In a way, I felt complimented. Someone was comparing my game to a computer program that made the right moves for the win.  Truth is, with my rating hovering near 1400 or so, one would have to believe that, if I was using an engine it, it most certainly, would be a great deal higher. Why waste the good use of an engine on a 1400-1500 player. If I was using an engine, my rating would be near 2,000 level. 

I see others accusing their opponents of the use of an engine, In most cases, it's pure malarky. I see it as a player who got beat and blames his/her loss on a computer program when the truth is, their opponent simply had a better game that day. There have been times that I've suspected a player of using some sort of cheating device. But, I've never left a message after a game saying as such. Cheaters don't improve their game. It's not worth it. This site will not tolerate cheating. It shouldn't be done. If one gets caught, they will face the consequences. 

We're all better on white, first move and all. Sometimes I will accept a rematch, and sometimes I don't . My opponent, sometimes, accepts a rematch,  and, sometimes, doesn't. There are no rules that stipulate anyone is obligated to continue playing the same player. 

When I'm ready to play another game, I simply hit the play button, and in a matter of "seconds," not hours or days, but "seconds," another game appears. How terrific is that! makes it possible to have another opportunity to enjoy chess quickly. 

I play strictly five minute games. I'm not into long and drawn out challenges. I don't play for time unless the situation calls for it. All players,  play to win, and, and those who play timed games, will use the clock for advantage. No need to fret if you lose on time. I've lost plenty of games on time. I've won a few that way, too. If You don't like to lose on time, then, don't play timed games. Once, a player commits to a timed game, then, that player has no reason to complain.  One either wins, loses or draws at the end of the time period. Complaints from players who lose or draw on time are simply frustrated sore losers. It can be stated that a player who allows the clock to expire, losing in the process, simply didn't get the win or draw in the time allotted.  That player has no excuse why the game was lost by saying the opponent played for time. The losing challenger's job is to watch the clock, The winning player can't control a clock other than their own. To express it another way, it is not my opponent's responsibility to control my time. Nor is it my responsibility to control my opponent's time. Neither of us can move for the other.  We only have control of our own moves. So, move....or face the outcome wherever it leads. 

One can take my advice or one can ignore it.  Yet, if a player suffers a loss on time, and frets about losing on time then, that player needs to play no-time limit games. I've played that way when I first started. Games became cumbersome and way too long. That's why the 5 minute game, for me, is ideal. Instead of playing for hours on end on one game, I find more fun in the shorter game. Oh sure, some chess enthusiasts lament that's not really chess. They may have a point.  Nevertheless,  is bullet,  960, crazyhouse, or bughouse real chess too? Keep in mind that tournaments, with prize money on the line, play these variations. So, the next question may be....does this legitimize the multiple differences in the game? Grandmasters may see it both ways. Nevertheless, all of these game options have become mainstream. There seems to be enjoyment, and money to be made. That may be the bottom line.


"The only thing chess players have in common is chess."(Lodewijk Prins)

"Which do I prefer? Sex or chess, It depends upon the position." (Boris Spassky)

"The pin is mightier than the sword." (Rienhold Mueller))

"Play the opening like a book, the middle game like a magician, and the end game like a machine." (Rudolph Spielman)

"Chess helps you concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules, take responsibility for your actions, and how to problem solve in an uncertain environment."  (Garry Kasparov)

I don't believe in psychology, I believe in good moves." (Bobby Fischer)

 "Chess holds it's master in its bonds, shackling the mind and brain so that the inner freedom of the very strongest must suffer." (Albert Einstein)

If you've gotten this far, I have some good news for you. Presuming that I have a game with you, Good luck. You probably don't need it . I'm average at best. I've lost or drawn more games than I've won. Therefore, you have better than a 50/50 chance of not losing to me.  So, one can surmise that winning, although the goal, is not the ultimate objective for me. My games are fast (what else do you have with a blitz game!).  My games are fun. My games are full of blunders....mostly mine. Sometimes I make a brilliant move. Most of the time....not so much.  Many times my opponent makes an even more stunning maneuver. I don't take chess seriously....It makes the game much more enjoyable. Cheers.