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Brian Egdell

Spaarndam, Netherlands
Sep 26, 2014
Last Login
32 min ago
Supporting member since Dec 31, 2014

8 september 2018

The site's sudden decision to allow tablebase use in Daily games has deeply disappointed me. The ability to play correspondence games here without interference from the changes which computers have brought to the game was the main reason for my enthusiastic participation here. Correspondence chess is my great love. Technical endgames with few pieces left on the board are the area of the game which interests me the most.

Without wanting to make too hasty a decision, I have withdrawn from all unstarted Daily matches which I had joined, but I will continue to play out all my current games (35 of them) plus the handful which will start automatically when those finish in the cases where the two games against an opponent are not played simultaneously. Most likely is that I will then leave the site when all my Daily games have finished.

If however the decision to allow tablebase use in correspondence play is reversed, or if some mechanism is introduced to allow those who want to continue to play without tablebase use is brought in, there will be time for me to reverse my decision to leave the site. I am hoping that this might happen.

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