10-29-2017, --------- Hello to all my friends thank you all for all the invites to join matches. I just wanted to say to everyone where I live will all have to move so I can not join any more matches for a little while I will still be here from time to time even though I am trying to get my games down to zero. Thank you every one.------------------Thank you all of my friends for the tournament invites. I would join but I do not have a membership any more. I am in so many right now. With out a membership. I believe I can only join three of them at a time. Thank you every one for all the invites even though it will be a long time before I can join again. Science is Awesome. ----- ----- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello every one I have finished my first book. It has twenty three chapters in it right now with more on the way. I am looking into U.S.copy write laws. From what I understand it already has a copy write on my work for I am the author of the book and it is all my work. Before I share the title or the names of the chapters I am going to register my book with the U.S. copy write office. Then I will share my first book. One of my first introductions to my first book has already been shared in a few places on the internet. Face Book and Google and Gmail account. Here is my my first work of my first book. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saving our children's future. Written by Randall E.Delgado on --- 21/12/2015--- Hello to all. For the last fourteen years I have been in deep study of the problems mankind faces around the world. Nine eleven woke me up to try to figure out what is going on with these attacks. After six months of study I figured out the truth about the nine eleven attacks. OK I understand the full truth of nine eleven. Even after knowing the truth I started to learn about the bigger problems we all face. Since the industrial revolution mankind started creating the big big problems for himself and his future. Moving forward to and after World War Two is where the big problems started to really intensify to where we all our at today. Mankind has used up so many resources. Our planet provides these resources for us all to live. As these resources start to disappear. Mankind is left with a big big problem. Because mankind has build up the human race. Our population has grown to over seven billion people and keeps on growing. Sooner or later these resources will know longer be able to meet the needs of the people living on planet earth we all call home. Well I have figure out how to save us all from this horrific catastrophe. The answer was very simple to me. Reverse the way mankind has been living since the industrial revolution. And live the way mankind has been created to live on planet earth like we have been doing for thousands of years before the industrial revolution. Simple right? Well since my self education started to intensify after getting my computer and internet leading me to study more about all kinds of topics leading me to understand about a fiat base economy and the money most of us all use to live. The problems we now all face in a fiat base economy has really hit home for me as I study and understand more about this topic. What I am seeing after the confidence of all the countries of the world and people of the world is all but lost with a fiat base economy. Only the top creators and leaders of the fiat base system is left holding the bag. Have they figure out how poor they are? Will they be able to stand before a destroyed planet that they created for themselves and all of us to live on? Have they figure out the rest of us will start to despair? Have they figured out why the rest of us will not be here? May be they will not care at all? For they, the very few will probable be moving to Mars very soon. Why did they have to create these problems for all us to face? I know in the beginning the founders could not see into the future this far and what a fiat based economy has become. For a lot of them have passed away. But those of them that have been living the last forty years should of been able to see the signs from the seventies till now. The leaders that our living now. Can these problems they have created for the human race be fixed? In a few words no it can not be fixed. Why? Mankind will never be able to agree to save himself from himself and these problems for most of us have really gave us no choice but to stay living in a fiat base economy. When the end comes for us all and it will. Only the small tribes living off the land for thousands of years and have stayed out of a fiat base economy may be the only people that will have a good chance to survive the devastation we all have created for them and us all. Hopefully we did not use all their resources up so they can still survive and live on planet earth to ensure that mankind does not fully go extinct. I hope you all understand what I am saying? I just do not see any way to fix our problem even when the leadership of the fiat base economy change the currency to a world wide fiat base currency. This will bring the problems we now face and multiply the damage to our planet and for all of us. Thank you all for letting me share the truth. A Message to Mankind. I know this information seems to have no hope for the future and for the human race. All I can say is try to have the best life you can while you can and do the best you can in life and help as many people as you can. You never know when you are going to need someone to help you when you need help. I am thankful for my life and for all the people who have cared for me and help me over the years I am thankful for all,the people I have been able to help when they ask me for help. I am thankful for God giving me my life. Thank you Randy Author Randall E. Delgado. ---------------------------------------- Thank you and all of my chess friends here on you all have really help me in so many ways I will always be forever thankful for all of your help with my education. I thank you all with all of my heart so very much Randy. My book is all about a new direction for mankind in economics. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link one. Author House. -------- Link two. ----------------------- Link three. ----------------- Link four. -------------------- Link five. ----------------------------------------- Link six. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I have learned so far. The American currency is not going to crash or collapse. Their is no way at this time. All these experts do not know what they are talking about. For they have not been able to figure out why the American currency will not crash. For any of them so far has not talk about one key fact. One day I hope they will be able to figure it out. I used to believe what they where telling us too. Until I woke up to the truth. What has happen in the past has not any thing to do with the present time. ------------ U.S. Copyright Office 101 Independence Avenue SE Washington, DC 20559-6000 (202) 707-3000 or 1-877-476-0778 (toll free)