Hello! My name is Gabriel. I am a 13-year-old chess player from Seattle. I enjoy OTB a lot, but I still like the extra possibilities provided by online chess, especially for training purposes.

My blog includes interesting and instructive games I have analyzed, both some of mine and some GM games from top-level tournaments. More blogs will be released soon - I am a bit behind!

Current Ratings
1764 FIDE
1812 USCF
1815 NWSRS

My Best Tournaments of 2024

  • Late March Quads: 2/3 and clear first place!

Notable Achievements:

  • I have beaten several expert players, a CM, and an NM in classical tournaments.
  • I am the 2022 WA State Chess960 Champion along with CM Tim Moroney (@othychess).

Future Goals:

  • Achieve USCF rating of 2000 by the end of 8th grade 
  • Achieve FIDE rating of 1800 by the end of 8th grade
  • Defeat a master (or 2200+) in a tournament game
  • CM title by the age of 15

Draws and Wins against titled players

  • I beat IM Eric Tangborn in a simul.
  • I drew WIM Megan Lee in a simul and drew again in 5|3 blitz.
  • I beat NM Eric Zhang in 3|2 blitz.
  • I beat NM Bill Heywood in classical.
  • I beat CM Nikash Vemparala in 5|0 blitz, drew him in 3|2 blitz, and beat him in an simul.
  • I beat CM Alexander Yang in G/70+5.
  • I beat CM Robert Hecht in classical.
  • I beat WFM Chouchan Airapetian twice in online daily chess.
  • I beat WCM Mary Kuhner twice in online daily chess and once in 5|0 blitz.  

One of my best games to date (with a brilliant move in it as well happy.png):

Have a nice day, and see you later!