Hello, chess friends! I'm Gabriel Razmov, a 12-year-old chess player from Seattle, WA. I haven't played in tournaments in a couple of months, so my rating is slightly out of date. On most days, I play at a level according to a player near 1800 and repeatedly get good positions and results against A players.

My favorite grandmasters include GMs Wesley So, Levon Aronian and Nodirbek Abdusattorov.

Chess coaching is something that I might enjoy, but I am postponing it for the moment, mostly due to the fact that it can be quite time-consuming and I want to achieve the CM title before becoming a coach.

Check out my blog entries at for some interesting and instructive games I have analyzed, both some of mine and some GM games from top-level tournaments. 


  • I beat a 2300 on Lichess (highest ever).
  • I have beaten multiple Class A players in OTB and online classical events.
  • I am the 2022 WA State Chess960 Champion along with CM Tim Moroney (@othychess).
  • I am seeded into the prestigious 2023 WA Junior Closed by winning the Mid-Year Scholastic Cup.
  • I lost to GM Susan Polgar in a simul, however, the game took 82 moves and it was equal right up to the end, when a few endgame mistakes took me down.

Future Goals:

  • 35+ in 3 minute puzzle rush
  • Become a chess coach soon
  • Achieve NWSRS or USCF rating of 1900 by the end of 7th grade
  • Top 3 in my grade by the end of middle school
  • 2000 Rapid by the end of 7th grade
  • Defeat a 1900+ player in a tournament game
  • CM or rating of 2000+ by the age of 14

Peaks (based on games):

1711 Rapid (best win: 2041)
1702 Blitz (best win: unknown)
1821 Daily (best win: 2010)
1511 USCF Online
(best win: unknown)
1392 USCF OTB (best win: unknown)
1347 USCF Blitz (best win: unknown)
1668 NWSRS (best win: 1837)

Draws and Wins against titled players

  • I drew @mitrabhaa (GM Mitrabhaa Guha) in online Live960 (an Indian grandmaster).
  • I drew WIM Megan Lee ( username unknown) in a OTB simul. She is a two-time WA State Champion.
  • I drew @AlexYermo (GM Alex Yermolinsky) in online rapid (a famous US grandmaster).
  • I drew @jsinanan (NM Josh Sinanan) twice in online Live960 (a local NM).
  • I beat @CoachChouchan (WFM Chouchan Airapetian) twice in online daily chess (a local WFM).
  • I beat @mkkuhner (WCM Mary Kuhner) twice in online daily chess (a local WCM).

One of my best games to date (with a brilliant move in it as well happy.png):

Have a nice day!