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Caroline Brooke Carmichael
USA, United States
Jun 7, 2009
Last Login
Apr 1, 2017
    Hi! My name's Caroline *Brooke* Carmichael, and I am a chess loving girl!!! I am known to be random and crazy at times, and spazz out when everyone thinks I'm calm. I'm known to make people burst out laughing, even at the saddest times. I can brighten your day! I also love cats and dogs! I'm a fan of poetry.  One of my favorite chess openings is the Ruy Lopez. It's been my favorite for a long time. My favorite colors are orange, purple, and blue! I have been studying chess for about 4 years now. I like to play any rated players. It doesn't matter. I just love to play chess.  My favorite TV shows are: Glee, The Amazing World of Gumball, Chopped!, and American Idol. My favorite books are: Warriors, The Clique, City of Bones, and The Hunger Games. (By the way, I'd like to recognize some people who helped me become absolutely awesome at chess and a great friendship! If they Are in italics it means they have quit. Haley10, schach-mat, carhurst, Garrison99, Bob-Bomb, Celecity, Domain, kohai, scaredgrove, Chess4001, katilyn179, honey1993, Chessananya, KillaNinja, Iscream4muffins, SeanKingston, Woodthumper, WillSpooner_mk2_se) Thanks to all of you and have a great day! 
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