About Me. 

In Case you haven't Noticed my name is Brudo, but you can call me Brudo. (or Brudo) I have been on for 5 years and still suck! Also, Feel free to adopt me, just because you can. I play in the famous Not-So-Pro-Chess-League's including: Not-So-Pro-Blitz-Chess-League, Not-So-Pro-Chess-League, Not-So-Pro-Variant-League, Not-So-Pro-Bullet-Chess-League. In the Not-So-Pro-Blitz-Chess-League in Season two I Played For Chess Family V2 Got second. 

Chess Family V2.0 phpxw2uxv.png

in season 3 Played For Chess Family V4. didn't Make it to the playoffs sad.png.


The Not-So-Pro-Chess-League Played For The Cowculators in S8 lost 1st round of the playoffs. sad.png And In S9 played for The Cowculators Didn't make it to the playoffs. Not-So-Pro-Variant-League S1 Captained  Variant Vigilantes Won the season.

Season One


Variant Vigilantes

Not-So-Pro-Bullet-Chess-League Playing For Chess family v 4 Currently winning (err mostly)

That's All!

Note, I will Only  Be Accapting Friend Requests if i know you In real Life (I Doubt that would happen lol) , Or well online