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 Happily divorced!                  I'm a tower crane driver,most of my work is in and around London, i love my job though the hours can be long! Apart from chess i like to read, fantasy mostly,but i  like a good thriller when the mood takes me! i also like football, i support Leeds united as that is my home town! I adore cricket, in my humble opinion the greatest game with bat and ball ever invented! Its akin to chess only played on a playing field! As for my name on this site; i just love Cajun music, strange really as i don't understand a word of what is been sung,but to me its the sweetest sound I've ever heard!


Was a skinhead in my youth back in the 70's and 80's.Great days;-) Still a skin at heart! I'm a man of contradiction's, as my politics are right wing yet I'm totally against Animal Cruelty and despise people who abuse or Hunt animals for fun. Life is precious be it a human's or a foxes. I'm proud that in my youth I set up the West Norfolk branch of the H.S.A. and that we along with all the other branches helped in bringing about a change in the Hunting laws. Alas abuse continues and our fight goes on..


  I'm a cancer survivor now in remission!:-) (thanks to the staff at the royal marsden) and I support cancer research UK!


  I was proud and honoured to be a member of the Circle of Trust. The best group by far within If you want an honest O.T.B. game just challenge a member of this great group. They believe in the old fashioned notion of OTB! once a game starts they play as if face to face and use no help whatsoever, no chess engines, books, or asking another player for help!! They will give you an honest game.

Although I'm no longer a member of CoT I only play by the same principles. When you play me it's just me playing!


     Happy hunting!




 "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun,the moon,and the truth!"