Cameron_W20 Coach
  • My chess background

I began to play chess at the age of six but never really took it that seriously until I reached 18. During my youth, I was the Worcestershire U14, U16, U17 and U18 champion. On top of this I also achieved a score of 4/6 in the UK Chess challenge Gigafinal, coming second and going to the Terafinal Challenger, where I finished with a 4/6 score. My other personal accomplishments include being a representative for three county teams, these being Birmingham, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

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  • My views on chess and coaching

Despite these accomplishments I often wish I would have spent the time to sit down and study my game. Being at University reignited my passion for the game and I am hoping to try to instill the passion into others. I have had experience coaching players, mainly individually during club sessions. Many of these players had little to no experience playing chess. I believe a good coach is not necessarily someone who is exceptionally good at something but is instead good at bringing his ideas and that of the game across in a way that anyone can understand. I believe working at every individuals own pace will help them achieve their goals. Seeing someone achieve their potential and helping them achieve that, is one of the greatest feelings a coach can have.  I am happy to coach anyone from beginner to intermediate. I also do not believe age is an important factor, anyone can learn to play! 

  • Methods of teaching

I believe every person learns differently, so my aim would be to fit the teaching around my student. If a beginner, I would work on understanding how each piece moves, looking and understanding basic king and pawn endgames and opening principles. If an intermediate, it would involve tactical and strategical development, finding weaknesses in order to fix them and learning from mistakes and losses. Each person is taught differently and it is my job to get the most out of you!