Jul 7, 2013
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41 min ago

Hi everyone!

My name is Nick and this may surprise you, but I love chess. between 2014 and 2019 I had been about a ~1400 player in over the board (OTB) chess with no noticeable progress. Last year, I made a new years resolution to improve 100 rating points each year. That year, I grew 150 points and my rating has continued to climb. My hope is to become a chess expert (2000 rating) by the year 2023, but I've realized that in order to to this it takes hard work, training, study, and a lot of games.


I've been playing and studying seriously for over a year now and have no plans on stopping.  Follow my rating progress here: This year's goal is to reach 1700. Next year, 1800. The year after that 1900. And finally 2000!


Below are a few ways you can connect with me:


YouTube: I very recently (May 2020) started setting up my YouTube channel, Late Knight Chess. My plan is to post various series on endgame themes that I'm studying, going over old games I've played with takeaways from how I've improved, and posting any highlights from my Twitch stream! Not a lot of content here yet, but there will be. Please subscribe as it helps me know who's genuinely interested in my content!


Blog: I'm passionate about teaching others how to improve their game as well. I have a blog that I try to update daily going over's daily puzzle and analyzing all variations. Check that blog out here:

Twitch: I typically stream 2-3 times per week playing rapid games and with a puzzle for you to solve. If you have a Twitch account, hit the follow me button here to get notified when I'm streaming:

Lessons/Game Analysis: If you're interested in going over any of your games or starting lessons, send me a message or e-mail ( me and we can discuss further. I am available to give lessons to anyone up to 1400 USCF rated (higher than that for ratings).