Like most people who land at this page I also think chess is the ultimate game, passtime, sport(ish), 'addiction' or whatever you may want to call it. Played a lot when a teenager but dropped it altogether for decades because of three simple reasons: study, work and lack of regular opponents for the only option available by then: the now kind of old-fashioned OTB. Again, a claim put forward by many here in I've been out and about a bit. After having spent the early and not so early days in Chile I then moved to Venezuela where I worked as Press Attaché for a European Embassy -in hindsight, perhaps for too long. The offer of a job at a large news organisation -which by then seemed quite appealing (lol)- had me posted to London for about 3 years. As moving places seems rather intrinsical to my nature, I am now back in the tropics enjoying the sunshine of Miami but still having to travel often, most of the time on business but also for pleasure. Discovering this site has really made a difference. It has allowed me to wage a few intense battles with people from all over the world, as well as share some quality virtual and real time with opponents from as far as South Florida to Argentina, up in Mexico or Down Under, the Philippines, Transilvania or some islands  in The Caribbean.... the list would never end. I speak Spanish, English and a bit of Portuguese. Good luck in your games..... and looking forward to your challenges be it on 'standard', Live Chess (if and when it will work) or on 960. ...... and you may also have a look at my blog in Online Chess (I hope to be in the +2000 one day, but I doubt it) Live Chess .... I really enjoy Live Chess, sometimes even more than online