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I ENJOY chess, THATS why I play this site, -to PLAY chess. Its a fun FREE site, to me its a place to play chess against both human and nonhuman, (you know whom you areSurprised)  its a place where I try what ifs,or how bout this, etc.  so as not to make the same mistake OTB, (yeh thats where it really counts.)  Also,  I DON'T set limits nor discriminate WHOM I play... ITS A GAME ON LINE for cry eye eye! . "For one to set limits on whom they play, (especially on an internet site) is to say one is afraid to lose to someone at a lower rating."-Stanley Yelnats.    A rating is just a number, a number is an avg. and an average is like a bikini, it doesn't show EVERYTHING.


[Antonius Block lets Death choose which chess pieces to play]


Antonius Block: "You drew black."

Death: "Appropriate, don't you think?"





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