Lichess username is caviecooper

FIDE ID 309953536

NCS ID N07766081 Rating 532

Video games are awesome. is awesome because they make chess as awesome as video games. I am trying to improve for my coach so I can play in live team matches against other countries. I love getting passports from other countries. I love doing puzzles on because it is making me a better chess player.

I am a Hawaii admin. Please introduce yourself to me so I can know all the awesome chess players in our islands.

The books I am currently reading are:

1. The official rules of chess 7th edition by Tim Just so I can pass my USCF local tournament director test soon.
2. A Picture History of Chess by Fred Wilson because it is important to know how old and important the game of chess is.

3. Chess in Art - History of Chess in Paintings 1100-1900 by Peter Raabebstein because you get to see the history in pictures.

4.  Center Game and Danish Gambit by L. M. Pickett so I know 7 openings in great detail

5. Bishop vs Knight Endings by Yuri Averbakh because it is important to know what your knight and bishop can do in the endgame.

6. Storming the Royal Fortress by Soviet Master Baranov because he teaches great concepts.

7. The Bishops Opening explained by Gary Lane because you can use this opening in other ways besides the quick checkmate on beginners.

8. Franco-Benoni Defense by GM Andrew Solitis because he explains why to use this defense.

9. Chess World Championship 1972 Fischer vs Spassky because I wanted to know what openings and defenses Fischer played to become World champion.