Diamond Member

Introduced to Chess at age 12; played first tournament at 16 (won a game but failed miserably); went to University, graduated engineering; after a few years, for some unknown reason, I resumed playing chess.  With passion and commitment, in a few short years (early 80’s), I achieved a USCF 1900+ rating.  I was well on my way to my goal of chess master (NM).  How I achieved this rating still amazes me as the resources available today were not then.  I was self-taught, self-studied over books and periodicals, no coach, no computer analysis, etc.  It was a great time in my life (physically fit, social life, chess life, travel) and I met a lot of unique people and professionals along this journey.  My career intervened (assigned to a 6-day a week project), relegating Chess to a back seat.  Family and career soon became priorities, chess was now  forgotten.  Fast forward 38 years, I am a Construction Manager, enjoying my profession and not close to considering retiring.  Two of my friends (co-workers) are on and suddenly I find my interest in chess rekindled.  

Going forward, I am relearning what I have forgotten, working on my training plan, reading & taking notes, evaluating the many resources available, doing puzzles & lessons and contribute in forums when I can be relevant.  If interest becomes commitment, then I will be playing Daily & Rapid (G/30, G/60 or longer) in 2022 and resume OTB play as well.  My End Game is to have both the ability and platform to help others.  Becoming a titled player would add credibility. 

Last notes, I am an avid tournament bridge player (ACBL Duplicate), follow Man United football & NZ All Blacks.