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Favorite lyricist: Bernie Taupin- Bernie is credited with the lyrics to 90+% of Elton John's songs. He also released 2 solo cd's and 2 cd's with his own band Farm Dogs. If you are a fan, you need to check out "Immigrant Sons" by Farm Dogs. I think this collection of 14 songs includes some of Taupin's strongest lyrics. My favorites are "Stars and Seeds", "Foreign Windows", and the song that best reflects the CD title "Workin' in the Fields"; -but the entire CD is a listening pleasure. I especially love great music that most others are unaware even exists - it's like a secret treasure trove. The band includes Tony Brock (drummer of The Babys), Billy Payne (co-founder of Little Feat, and a piano talent that even Elton admires), Jim Cregan, Robin Le Mesurier and of course Taupin who supplies the lyrics, plays guitar and adds vocals. This is quality music, give it a spin and let me know what you think.
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