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Dennis Coulter
Long Beach, CA, United States
Jul 30, 2008
Last Login
Mar 1, 2013

Educated as a classical musician and linguist, my first job out of high school was as a trained killer for Army Special Forces (ABN) in Viet Nam.  I have a broze star.  I started playing chess in my twenties in the 1970's at the university.  From psychology to philosophy to business administration, it was not that easy going to class and playing chess in the cafeteria.   Shoulders of giants I have stood upon are Fritz Perls and Alan Watts.  I enjoyed the space of Esalen in Big Sur during the 1970's.  Along the way, I started a chess store with a friend in 1986 called Chess Palace.  We ran the 25th Memorial Day Classic in Long Beach and had more fun playing chess than you can imagine.  I left, but my pal, Charles Rostedt, continued until sale of the store in 2003.  You can find me on Chess.com as player ChazR in memorial to my long time friend and professor, V. Charles Rostedt.  Lina Grumette was especially nice to Bobby and me by opening her mansion to players.  Happy memories I have of all the wonderful players I have met.  The business continues in Garden Grove, California under the name Chess Palace (.com).  Jack Peters of the Los Angeles Times was a strong supporter and great friend to chess.  Of many wonderful people in the chess community, I am lucky to have met legends Tal, and Sharizi.  Especially nice was Spassky who was kind and gracious in every way, and plays a mean game of tennis.  Boris was the best person I ever met. Other encounters included Yasser Seirawan, who is also another brilliant, polite, gentleman among the top players in history.  Larry Remlinger, winner of the American Open, was never given the credit he deserved as a brilliant progeny.  He was very generous in his gifts of books and advice and encouragement in every aspect of the game and a really nice person.  Walter Browne was perhaps the most flamboyant, yet his brilliance over the board is beyond question.  What a character! These masters were some of the most inventive, and imaginative minds I have had the pleasure to have known.  Viktor Korchnoi especially deserves recognition for his character and perseverance.  One of my prized possessions is a signed memento of his match with Karpov.   I teach chess to my son and his friends.  Chess has been very good to me and I hope you find the same rewards.  I continue to play for fun and usually lose on time, looking for that beautiful combination.  It is not about ratings, it is about exercising the mind, having fun, and appreciating this novelty called chess.  Logical, beautiful, artistic, and sometimes frustrating, chess and life are intertwined.  I love to talk to people who are curious.  And, I hope I am a good sport and bring kindness so you may forgive me of my sins.    

Dennis Coulter

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