I have an obsession. An obsession so great that it consumes all the thought of my waking life. Chess is not just a hobby for me it is a passion, something so powerful that I can never escape its grasp on my mind. I LOVE CHESS!!!

                                                        MY LATEST TOURNAMENT

Round 1-my opponent didn't show up after ten minutes and so i got a bye(I think that's how you spell it?). there was another person whose opponent didn't show up and so we played each other in a friendly for rating matter the result we both got the points for a win. he played d4 and it turned into an Englund gambit declined. I blundered a rook early but we were fairly even for the rest of the game. in the end it was rook and knight v rook and rook and so we agreed to a draw.

Round 2-Because my first game went down as a win I maintained my position on top board and played a friend of mine called Dan. We have had 2 games before and i won them both so i wasnt too worried. it started of normal( i cant remember what opening we played)but i started to pile pressure on his knight. eventually he advanced a pawn to guard it leaving his other knight without a defender.I quickly switched my attack and eventually won the knight. after that i had too much of an advantage and went on to win a fairly good game.

Round 3- because i had a so far perfect score i was still on top board with the highest rating.I played someone i see often at tournaments but cant recall playing. He was very polite and we had a good game.he skewered my queen and rook early on but i then trapped his bishop.although i had lost a valuable piece rooks aren't important until the endgame whereas he had lost the power of his bishop for the entire opening and midddlegame so i wasn't to upset. i also took a free pawn so he was only really winning bye 1. eventually i skewered his queen and rook and managed to exchange queens, take his rook with my bishop and then take back his rook killer bishop. after the dust had settled i was up a passed pawn and went on to win a very nice game.

Round 4- on round four i played another Englund gambit declined and got into a fairly boring game.they were 300 points lower rated then me and i just slowly beat them and in the end they resigned because i had 4 connected passed pawns.

Round 5- i think this game was one of the most spectacular games of my OTB tournament "career". by this point i was leading the inter with my opponent and if i won this i was almost guaranteed a prize, so i played the London. it sounds kinda silly but the London was one of the first openings i learnt and has always been a comfort opening for me. As you might expect we started of with a very common position that was fairly locked apart from in one place. after we exchanged a few pawns i thought that my queen could get a free bishop but there was actually a complicated queen trap and i lost my queen for a rook and bishop. i think my opponent forgot that they were only winning by one point of material and so they got a bit cocky and didn't seem to worried when i took about 4-5 points of material. they had three pawns close to my castled king with their queen and knight behind it but they couldn't actually move much of it due to pins and threatened forks etc. i slowly marched one pawn to the seventh rank and that's when they got nervous. it finally dawned on them just how much they had messed up but by then it was too late. our game eventually ended in a win for me and a humiliating loss for my opponent(they went on to come second and i don't think they really cared). our game was one of the last going and it was definitely the arbiters favourite since he complimented me afterwards.

Round 6-this game again i played a London and i wasn't even playing particularly playing for a win since i was the only player on a perfect score and would come first with a win or draw.Again we got into a very locked game but i eventually found a temporary knight sacrifice to break apart the position and win a pawn. after that i got into their position and took their pawns from behind and it was very quickly over for them. i came first for the second time in a row and am almost guaranteed a spot in the open section next time.

                                                happy.pngthanks for reading have a nice dayhappy.png

P.S. next time i will bring a score book so you can actually see the games.

P.P.S. sorry for my terrible grammar.