Feb 4, 2017
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21 hrs ago

some things you should know:

-I like playing chess (never would have guessed on mainly long daily games (and sometimes 960). I used to play more timed games but lost interest, particularly with time controls without increments.

-I think the majority of chess variants are silly apart from 960

-I like anime (the profile picture is wings of freedom just because it's black and white, I actually think AoT is overrated)

my top 10 is:

1) Parasyte the Maxim (sub)

2) Code Geass (watch it dub)

3) Boogiepop and others (sub)

4) Tokyo Ghoul (sub)

5) Psychopass (sub)

6) Death parade (sub)

7) Darker than black (It has a good dub. Also this is the most under-rated anime I have ever watched)

8) Mob psycho 100 (sub)

9) Death note (watch it dub)

10) Mirai Nikki/Future Diary (has an alright dub, though sub good too)

enjoy those free recommendations wink.png

-Funny game of Spelunky (died after defeating the boss):

-Spaghetti Bolognese sandwiches are good

-please don't use engines, and don't accuse people of using engines without proof just to spite them