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Hello, dear chess friends!

I'm Illia Golichenko, Chess coach and International Chess Master from Kyiv, Ukraine.
I have over 20 years of chess experience.

During my coaching career, I have worked with over 180 students from more than 40 countries, aged from 6 to 70, with different chess levels: from beginners to advanced players with a rating of over 2300.

Having a background in psychology (I have a degree in psychology) and applying my knowledge in chess lessons, I show the connection of chess with life, how chess can help in real life, and how students can use it. So during the classes, I can work with different psychological aspects of preparation and difficulties in the student's way.

I use an individual approach to each student, show my students the beauty of chess and try to find their interest and work with inspiration, so I create my lessons with humor and make them valuable and exciting for my students.

Please get in touch with me here or write me to email for more information about chess lessons.