Feb 1, 2018
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Hello & Welcome to my Profile!  My name is Dr. Jeremy Mandelkern.  I hold the USCF CM Title & hope to earn the USCF NM Title during my next trip back to the USA.  You can check out my website for more of my  credentials:

I began playing tournament chess in my 20's and have since played over 125 events.  I'm currently rated USCF 2187.  My most memorable chess accolade to date was playing on the winning USAT National Champions Team "Armegeddon Your Pieces" in 2011 and going 2-0 in the internet playoffs.  I also hold a PhD in Applied Mathematics and have taught collegiate Mathematics for over 10 years.  Now a new father, I am for the time-being residing in Taipei, Taiwan and am currently looking to take on chess students and share my knowledge and passion for the game.  I'm a patient teacher with a broad chess opening repertoire who excels especially in closed positions.  My favorite chess players are Anatoly Karpov, Alexey Dreev, and Vladimir Kramnik.  Here is a chess video of mine:  

Thanks for Reading my Profile!

Dr. Jeremy Mandelkern