Jun Casas (KVK CEG)
Cainta, Philippines
Nov 25, 2007
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Jun 30, 2015
Now 52 years old married to beautiful 49 yr old lady with 2 children both college students and one granddaughter born last May 30, 2009.... Had traveled in my earlier years as seaman. Europe, Africa and Asia, a little of USA and South America. The most unforgettable place i traveled is Mongolia in 1994. Lucky to be still alive...Praise be God forever.... I learned chess and basketball at the age of 14, quite late but tried to excel. I played a lot before but stopped due to time constraint to focus on work and family. Had to rest due to a gallbladder operation and started playing on line chess. Play with me and we will play chess for favorite is queens gambit and kings indian defense...happy chessing to all
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