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Now... it is time to get my rapid 400 points up... so I'll have everything at 1701

I approve of the Queen's Gambit, and the Falkbeer(A must)

I don't approve of the Smith-Morra, but I play it anyway and I get good results.

Here are some of my best games:

(Check my blogs for annotations and explanations on the games)

Random cool Puzzle from my games:

Unlucky 13

Tactic Crowding:

10 Feet Under: (w/annotations)

This is why I love the Evan's Gambit(w/Annotations):

Miniature Mayhem in the Smith-Morra:

A Single Queen against the Scotch:

Owen's Travelleling King:

The Art of Attack while Attacked:

Traxler Power:

Grobby Grubby Grobbity Grob(My first game in the Grob)

Brilliant Defenses against the Evan's
Remove the Defender:
Play Like Morphy:

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Well, thanks for reading to the bottom of my bio!

It's being updated whenever I feel like it!