Mar 8, 2019
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Hi. I am ChessieSystem101. Nice to meet you random user. Ill list some useless info that you will probably never use i your life right below this. 

1. Well, if you could not tell this after my name and info, i am extremely interested in WW2. While America and Japan mainly, Germany is a strange marvel that interests me all in itself.

2. I play Blocksworld. If you happen to play, my username is Mars Horse Trainery 102. i am in the BWMC (Blocksworld military community) as Ecuador. I like Rocket League too.

3. My favorite opening is probably the Italian game, though I like the Richter Veresov attack too.

4. I really like to do model, especially WW2 or Soviet ones. I am working on a B-17 right now. My favorite types of models are miniatures of Infantry.

5. My favorite vehichle of WW2 is the Willy Jeep, but my all time favorite is the F4U Corsair! Still think it is the best, even though decommisioned in the Korean war. 

6. I really like pool too. I am really bad at it though, but can make a ball jump over another and hit it and make it go in.

And obviously chess. I used to think I was pretty god, but now, I realize I am the low




7.I would like to be a Colonel some day, in the military. That is my dream job.

8. Join my club, the SLI Chess Club!

Thanks for reading! If you want you can call be Mars, ig you want. But thank you for reading!

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