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Now since I'm somewhat at the top of the chess pyramid I have no one to play with in rapid sad.png, because either nobody is there, everyone is cheating, or only suppa strong titled players

If anyone would like to play a few rated/unrated rapid/classical training games please let me know and we can work something out because it sucks not having anyone to play with and not improving as fast as you could/should be 

The only reason people cheat is because they are scared of me cuz I was raised by and with gangstas and I would wipe the floor with them otherwise so for your own good, don't test my patience happy.png

I don't really give that much importance to online games anymore, because I'm focusing more on otb. However, if you have beat me and are feeling high about it unless you are @Sawblade_1, challenge me again and I will try happy.png

Sometimes all I have 

are words to write them means

they are no longer

prayers but now animals

Other people can hunt them


You don't need a thing 

from me, you already have

everything you need:

The moon, a wound on the lake,

our footprints not to follow...

-Fukuda Chiyo-ni.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a chess 13 year old sweat trying to become an NM before college

Probably the best game I played:

(99 percent accuracy and 3052 elo!)

Stuck in chess and don't know what to do?

  1. Do what makes you feel happy. If you want to shave, then do it. If you like listening to music while you sleep, do that, and so on.
  2. Follow a daily routine. This is a key thing in playing good chess because when you do have one, you will have time for everything and start seeing results soon.
  3. Work on positional play. Tactics sometimes cannot be found in every single position, and you have to ask yourself how to improve your position, such as developing your pieces to the best squares, focusing on your opponent's weaknesses, and finally searching for all your candidate moves. has a large variety of lessons on this topic, so go check them out
  4. Study tactics. This is the main reason why most people are stuck at intermediate-expert level. Tactical patterns and visualization are CRUCIAL in competitive chess. Chess is not 99% tactics, but in some way or another, it is.
  5. Analyze your games in DEPTH. The correct way to analyze is by first going through the game without an engine, and plug in ideas that you previously considered, and see how it could have benefited or changed your position. After a full analysis, then you may proceed by using an an engine to suggest ideas as well.
  6. Watch Grandmasters play. If this is something you normally do, you will inherit a lot of ideas from their play, which sometimes I myself have done, from players such as @hikaru, @Chessbrah, @KNVB, and many more titled, and talented players.
  7. If you are on a tilt, especially if it's blitz or bullet, you should stop playing, and play later in the day, or just wait till tomorrow. I know all of us sometimes have temptations to keep going on because we keep losing ratings, but this is the best way to go, as consistently playing 20+ games in one sitting is not healthy, and will also de-grade your playing efficiency. 
  8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is very important as you need to keep healthy as well to play better chess. Include protein-rich foods, dairy, and lots and lots of greens. Make a diet chart if this helps you. Try working out every day, and taking a cold shower every morning (which is what I do), and if you keep this up, you will see results in a whole different mannerly fashion.
  9. Work on your endgame! Using various chess tools like chessbase or chesstempo, you can practice positions like the Lucena, enhance your skills from your own games, and learn the true meaning of piece activity. Another roadblock where strong players tend to get stuck on.

Adoption list :



Some Great people:

@Sawblade_1: my NM friend who I train with occasionally. He helps me a lot in my chess and also adopted me lol

@Logic911e: My main and current training partner

@KeSetoKaiba: Amazing friend who is great when it comes to answering questions about, and very supportive too happy.png

@Fidesia: My bughouse partner, great bullet player and also a great supporter and friend, getting better at the game while time passes. If your reading this thanks for your time and effort, keep getting better grin.png

people I know IRL:


@RatingsRequiem: Bullet god











@Sribbaya play me in blitz rn

I hope you learned something about me here, and I wish you some sharp pins, double-edged forks, lots of nasty discoveries, and brilliant checkmates.