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Joemz The Revenge
Melbourne City, Australia, Philippines
Oct 6, 2008
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Oct 1, 2016
As of 07 October 2008 my Australian Chess Federation rating is 1872. I have only played a few tournaments so my elo rating is stil not accurate. As white I play the English and as black I play the Accelerated Dragon and the Nimzo Indian. I write a chess blog here to share my chess learnings and techniques, especially on the Accelerated Dragon. I was born and bred in Laguna, Philippines but I have been living in Australia since December 1999. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and my especialty is project engineering and management. I first learned to play chess when I was 7. It was the time when my father bought a chess board and started teaching me and my younger brother. I only became serious in chess during my junior year in college (Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila City). It began when I first witnessed blitz games casually played by the university varsities. I was fascinated, never knew that chess can be that exciting. I was even more surprised to know that there are books about chess! I was 20 at the time. My current career doesn't give me much time to participate in chess tournaments but I try my best to compete whenever I can, and when I do I don't do too bad. This year (2008) I'm already 35 but a lot of people get surprised on how younger I look (see my photos). Am very blessed and lucky indeed.
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