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Harry Feather

Sheffield, England
Nov 8, 2016
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10 hrs ago
Supporting member since Nov 8, 2016

My father got me into chess at the age of 4, he was a good club player who also composed chess problems internationally. I played chess at school and competitively at tournaments as a young child/teen but never graduated past this. As a child my chess hero was Nigel Short - I used to rush home to watch Channel 4 and the TV highlights of his world championship games against Kasparov in 1993. However as an adult I’ve learnt to really admire the way Tigran Petrosian used to play, as well as the positional master classes from Aron Nimzowitch. I enjoy playing positional chess, but recently with the help of material from GM Simon Williams I have developed a more attacking repertoire. I only got back into playing chess over the board over the past year but play regularly for my club and have recently been appointed the U100 Yorkshire Chess Captain where I will be working to promote junior chess in Yorkshire. Working with Chesspatzers appeals to me because I think it’s important to recognise there are so many amateur players out there who just have a love for the game, who enjoy themselves and don’t really worry too much about grading and being the next big player. Working together to encourage people to play and enjoy chess is so valuable and the development of this group across the world is so awesome.

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