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USCF expert (currently rated 2166 USCF, and 1956 FIDE) and working hard to get a title!

Also a Club Level USCF tournament director since 7/15/2020

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My favorite youtube video, not a rickroll I promise:

A great game

I played black

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Chesskid: VastLargePumpkin (although don't play on it much)







Some Notable Achievements: T1st in Central California Open 2019

T2nd in the North American Open in 2019

1st place in the U.S National G.60 championship in 2015 in section D

T1st in U.S National class championship 2019

1st place in Calchess Grade level state championship in 4th grade

T1st Place in Susan Polgar National foundation tournament in 2017 in U10 boys

Co-Founder (@qing29 is the other co-founder) of San Jose Chess Club. We have 2 clubs, 1 where we host USCF tournaments, and one where everyone is free to join. We also have 2 teams on lichess. 1 USCF and 1 non USCF. Currently all our USCF events are free to enter, and it's open to anyone with a USCF membership!

San Jose Chess Club - USCF Rated

San Jose Chess Club

USCF rated tournament club -

SJ Chess Club

If you are old fashioned you can scan the QR code to join our club (not auto join)

Scan this QR code to join our lichess USCF team

Things I enjoy

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Rubik's Cubes
  • Geography
  • Watching movies 🍿 (I am also an approved movie critic for rotten tomatoes)
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Instrumental music
  • Aviation
  • HTML and CSS

Favorite Youtubers:

Sam Chui (Aviation Vlogger)

Chris Stuckmann (Movie Reviewer)

Relax Cafe Music (10 hour jazz playlists daily!)

Note: I only accept friend requests from people I know well online or in person. I also accept requests from all titled players as well as people in my club.

Adoptions: @Varin_N @Samarth45
IM's and GM's beaten on

@Jenia84. @Vadim_Biliy (twice), @boo786(twice), @ecwinslow, @Koksik_13,
@Keaton87, @Toro1234, @magician4ma @Indianlad (Bullet)
NM's and CM's beaten (Too many can't name all of them)

Also check out this video which I uploaded to youtube and has more than 3.5k views!

Note: I don't accept draw requests. I will grind any position and play for the win. I will block you if you offer an unnecessary amount of draw requests. This is not about me flagging you, it's just me playing all the the way. If the game is a draw, to me if you offer a draw it shows me that you are too scared to play the position on the board, which makes it even easier to grind the position. If you really think it's an equal position then you should have no problem playing till there is a draw by rules. If you offer a draw because you think it's "drawish" that shows to me that you are not interested to play, then why are you playing at all. If you're winning then why would you offer a draw? In my opinion agreed upon draws should only occur after 2500+ rating because they know what they are doing, people below that can make mistakes. If you are playing a game of chess don't take it for granted and play it all the way. The only circumstances would be if I felt bad, perhaps the opponent mouse slipped or had an emergency. Overall even if a lose a few games in which I don't accept draws, in the long run I will get more wins.