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by artist- @harappa19

hello all! welcome to my profile!

i like chess so challenge me! great if it is bullet!

another of my liking is pokemon trading card game! i play it online so if you also play please challenge me and add me a friend!

my pokemon trading card game online screen name- mallaa5 (just a random et of characters)

use the following screen name to play with me.

i am a pretty good pokemon TCG( trading card game) player so be alert! 

i also need your help guys that please help me to improve me chess puzzle rating i want to reach 2000 puzzle rating!

also you can give me a way to how to earn all achivements in!

i want to show you something click here to see it!

hey guys click here! this will help you!


please send me a friend request!

bye for now!

your friend,