Diamond Member

Chess Accomplishments:

3rd Category USCF Chess Player (Without Norms, 2nd Category)

Best OTB Win against 2045 USCF 

Sarasota Chess960 Runner's up to an NM (had to beat a 2000 to come 2nd!)

Placed at the National Elementary Championship in my section with 5/7

Placed at the National K-12 Showdown in my section with 5/7


Best Rubik's Cube 3x3 Time: 45.93 seconds
Best Rubik's Cube 2x2 Time: 3.86 seconds


Chess Player with a rating of 1600+. Plays mostly bullet and rapid. Has defeated several titled players, including NMs, FMs, and IMs. Please do not challenge me to daily chess. Challenge me to bullet, blitz or rapid only if you are at least 1500 in any of those variants or if you are my friend who I know in person. Challenge me to Chess960 (I don't play Chess960 here so my rating sucks happy.png.)


Here is my rating increase in USCF per year:

End of 2017: 900 USCF

End of 2018: 1200 USCF

End of 2019: 1500 USCF

End of 2020: (Will be determined soon! This is online USCF because OTB stopped sad.png)