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United States
Nov 21, 2012
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3 hrs ago
I've been playing chess since 2005 and have come to love the game very much. I was intimidated by chess for so many years because I heard people talking about how complex the game was, but I decided to take on the challenge and purchase my very own chess set. Although I've been playing chess for a number of years, my username is fitting because I never stop learning. I'm constantly growing in my knowledge of chess and do not take any opponent lightly. I'm a positional player who doesn't necessarily believe in chess psychology. The game should be won with skill and not with mind games. Although chess is a game of war, I believe in sportsmanship and fair play. I'm a social chess player even though I've defeated tournament level players. It's highly unlikely that I'll ever become a grandmaster, but there's hardly a day that goes by when I don't play a game or two. By the way, I'll block and/or report members whom I suspect of cheating or those who show poor sportsmanship by refusing to resign when their position is lost (I have to chase you to checkmate you when you know your game is lost) or those who taunt or hurl insults during the game. Let's play!
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