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Chester Rains
Kentucky, United States
Jan 27, 2013
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Oct 27, 2015
I am a Kentucky country boy born and bred. I like to hunt and fish and play chess sometimes. I also like to spend time with my wife and 18 kids who help me farm the land. I am new to the internet but I do love it. It lets me play a lot more chess than I used to in my down time. I am 52 years young and still enjoy an active lifestyle which I am greatful to God for. In my county I am the chess champion, but I'm learning through the internet that I still have a lot to learn. I believe in good sportsmanship, of acknowledging your opponents respect before and after the game. I've also noticed that online many players are not practicing this aspect of the game, letting there clocks run or abandoning the game before its over in lost positions. Please do not do that, it is only a game. It is a noble game that deserves respect, respect to the game and to the players participating. God bless y'all.
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