Hello friends, I am a enthusiastic chess player who will accept all challenges except Fischer Random (Chess960), all variants, and bullet.

You can always follow me for my blog content, which is about how to play openings, how to counter them, and other important stuff about chess. I post weekly, so it would be lovely if you could follow my profile and learn some stuff from my blog.

My Blog:-

Also check out my club, which is for Over The Board (OTB) and FIDE Online Arena (FOA) rated players to come together and share their Tournament stories and how other lower-rated players can get their FOA/OTB rating higher. We play vote chess and will accept most vote chess challenges. The club is called The OTB And FOA Only Club, or TOAFOC for short.

Also check out my club called Team Australasia. It is for anyone in Australasia.

I also have an official FIDE rating of 502!happy Have fun!

Oh! I forgot To mention the new news on the chess drama that has been leaked early by FIDE! Check it out! LINK:-