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Sep 24, 2012
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May 17, 2017

You know I've never seen Tobago.  I wish I had.  The first time I went on vacation, I went straight to Toronto Canada.  Other places I've been to was in Jamaica and Cayman Island.  Cayman has beautiful beaches and many restaurants.  I would try out a new restaurant every weekend on that island and I love eating pasta.

Star Trek is a tv show that inspired me to explore and learn new things about the heavens.  I've been looking out at the stars ever since I was a child.  I had a telescope once and I saw Saturn's rings and one of its moons.  My fascination about outer space then led me to learn about other disciplines in science, such as physics, chemistry and electronics.  It is my opinion that science explores the workings of God's creation called the Universe, and it is for the benefit of all mankind.

I have great friends.  We go on fishing in the weekend sometimes.  I would do anything for my friends.  If they need me, I will do what I can to help them.  I am new at fishing though, so they are teaching me.  They always catch bigger fish than me. Gosh! Hmmph!

My latest reads is Sherlock Holmes.  I have a collection of all his stories in two volume books.  I've read the first few cases and they are intriguing.  Meaning... the way how Sherlock Holme thinks and deduce how a crime is committed is fascinating.  I think its the same way how the FBI solve their cases in this modern day.  Speaking of FBIs, I am a die hard fan of The X-Files.  I've heard the series is coming again later in 2017 to Fox with David and Gillian.  Awesome. happy.png

The first time I learned to swim was in 2011 at the Center of Excellence.  Before I had a fear of the water but now, not so much.  I wouldn't like to swim far out in the ocean though.  Who knows what lurks deep under the waters.  SHARK!  Not me, I'm not jumping in the deep unless I know it is safe.  Off course I would jump in to save my friend if he/she is drowning.  But my training at the Centre of Excellence says the first thing to do for a person in distress is to throw a flotation device for them.

I love the movies.  From my little years, primary school days, my dad always brought home movies for us, my brother and two sisters.  I grew up with Beta and VHS tapes by the way.  I like different genres of movies; I guess the reason is because dad would bring movies like, James Bond, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Star Wars and Star Trek and Looney Toons.  Ha ha ha.  So I watch many kinds of Hollywood movies.  My favorite movie is one that discusses a little on conflicting issues in Science & Religion.  Can you guess the name of this movie?  :-)





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