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Kris Klausen
Odense, Denmark
Mar 19, 2013
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25 days ago
Supporting member since Apr 3, 2013

ABoUt mE:

Personally I have grown fond of playing chess again, always loving to play the game and explore it with friends rather than winning for the sake of winning. Feel free to add me if you feel the same way :)



 Chess.com life:

April 2013: I am dedicating my time here to explore the efficiency of Dannys videos. Solely based on his video material I'll see how far I can get. He has around 180 videos so in depth study of them all requires a years work. A study buddy would be nice.

April 2014: my endavours on chess.com, premium membership and Danny R, videos have surely had a lot to say in the only real life tournament I played this year. With 3½/4 and a perfermance rating of 1948, I managed to crawl past the 1700 mark. I have also started teaching chess to two bright students. It has also given me a lot.

 September 2014:
Dannys teachings is surely starting to have a huge impact. Hard disciplined work over the summer, and doing teaching myself have surely helped. My FIDE rating is having a rocket takeoff 2017!

March 2015

A bumpy half year getting familiar with the higher grounds of 1900+ with just 2 years of chess. Even the kids at age 9+ have played more than me. Everything is new. Looking at positions with a plan. Often in OTB tournaments it is the first time ever I play a position in a rated game. Makes it pretty rough to go in the ring with 2000+ players like that. I feel 1850-1950 is where I am gonna spend the next few years. Luckily Danny's online material is tremendous. On the teaching side; Kids are wonderful to teach!! So rewarding. I find teaching and behind the scenes stuff more interesting than playing even. :)



BacKgrOund 2013 rEal Life:

Ranked 1655 in real life but never played much chess and only participated in a 9 tournaments 15 years ago as a youth. I have only played a few matches the past 3 years. Sporadic approach to chess to say the least.

Now I have time on my hands to play a bit more and able to see if I can pick up my sky rocket "career" from my youth carried on the wings of Dannys videos. I was never teached back then so this should be fun =)

reallife profile:



PS. I play/teach my gf here too, so that rating of mine might be a bit odd, or if you play "me" and it is not super high quality 2000 FIDE rating you know why :)

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