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Charles Greene

Tampa, FL, United States
Jun 11, 2008
Last Login
May 30, 2010
Native of Washington, DC, lived and worked all over the US, settled in Tampa full-time in late 90's, divorced one child. Wide range of interests outside of chess. Try to become proficient in one new pasttime each year. This year it's No-Limit Texas Hold'em and progressing decently. Started in tournament chess as a junior (big old-school shout-out to all my DC chess homies including Ralph Mikell, Vincent Moore, Miloslav and Kalju Nekvasil, Sal Rosario, Dave Sherman, Keith Melbourne, Larry Steele, Phil Collier, Greg Acholonu and anyone else I forgot). I have played the game, with varying degrees of seriousness, over the last 35 years. My goal, at this late stage of life (born in 1956), where I find myself with the time and energy to rededicate myself to the game, is to become an FM in the next five years. Of course, to become a FIDE Master, in USCF parlance one has to first become a National Master, a rating plateau (over 2200) I have only reached once (1985). Thus, in accordance with my goal, I am working from my current rating (2041) with a short-term goal of reaching 2200 within the next 12 months, giving myself four years to reach the FM title. Wish me luck and follow my blog as I write about my progress and setbacks.
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