Claude Buchanan
Auckland, New Zealand
Mar 22, 2009
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May 25, 2016
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first learned chess at school - never played competitive chess - just a fun thing - taught my 2 sons and grandsons to play basics - I'm retired and in my 80's - love travel - married to same girl after 47 years - still think she's just the greatest - sing in a local acapella choir. Love travelling to countries with different culture - always enjoy the food they have to offer- Whats important to me? My family- and the world environment - especially the Amazon Forest = The forest absorbes all the carbon output of Europe and the world should pay Brazil to preserve this most important forest. Eco Tourism would earn more for Brazil than Mining and farming with all the deforestation of areas that these activities bring. We should I believe place more value on preserving forests than we do on a yellow metal. Time, past time, to change peoples thinking about what they value.I also abhor the killing of wild life - especially elephants  for their ivory.

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