Clawesome! Welcome to my profile, I'm CleverChessLeopard!You can call me she/they (even though I'm female).

Champions are great fighters who play for the attack but don't like to take undue risks. They are emotional players who use those emotions to increase the intensity of the game for themselves and for their opponents. Deep, profound calculations that get at the heart of the position are their forte. Champions are universal players, and they won't go wild looking for a win if it's just not there. They are quite willing to play a quiet endgame if that is what the position demands.

Garry Kasparov is a Champion

Garry KasparovGarry Kasparov (born 1963), thirteenth World Champion, typifies the chess style of a true Champion. A tireless worker, he brought opening preparation to a new level, often deeply analyzing openings far into the middlegame. Kasparov had unique understanding of dynamics and often showed that seemingly-surprising positional sacrifices were correct. From 1986 until his retirement in 2005 he was almost constantly the highest-rated player in the world, and he held the world championship title from 1985 until 2000 - so it is not surprising that his style was that of a Champion.

I own a cat club called The Great Cat Queens! For all cats of different genders, and 155+ members! (Yes boys are allowed)!

I'm lucky to have Lemur (Aka @Ring-Tailed_Lemur) as one of my best friends on chess.comĀ 

He owns this really lemur club called Lemur Empire which lemurs are in.

A wild cat needs a wild cat friend! My best wild cat buddy is Oci (Aka @Ocelot_99)! She created a furbulous club called The Official Harry Potter Fan Club, for all the Harry Potter Fans!

Even though I'm a cat, I can still have puppy friends! My other best friend, @Jia_Jia, created a fascinating food club! The Food Empire is the best food club ever for you and for everyone!

Lastly, Another feline. TheCutestCatEver is so ever cute, she has a grreat club called Kitty Kat Community!

Furends list:

BF = Best Friend

F = Friend

Jia_Jia BF

ring_tailed_lemur BF

Ocelot_99 F

TheCutestCatEver BF

calmpuppyanddolphin F

Sorry if I forgot! Hiss time for me to say goodbye!

Also, message me this code if you joined ALL the clubs above and friended AT LEAST one of my friends above and I will give you a trophy: ClevLeopard694