Diamond Member Coach

Hello everyone! This is Ali Rayyan.

Masters in Philosophy, Bachelors of Law and a full time Chess coach now.

As a Chess Coach:

I am a very dedicated and result oriented chess coach, I have been coaching since 2016,

I have coached a number of local school, college and university students along with number of students of different ages and levels globally. aspired them to be a distinguished player on National and International level.

Teaching Methodology:

One of the best ways to keep improving in chess is to keep yourself motivated, know your drive and if you have lost it in the way, let me help you. I am a very effective communicator and listener, with a huge sense of commitment and empathy towards my students. I take it as my moral obligation to listen to my student's concern and give them solutions to the best of my knowledge.

Customized Lessons platinum

1) Calculation/Visualization
2) Theoretical & Practical Endgames
3) Positional Understanding
4) Middle game play and transition
5) Strategic Play
6) Build Opening repertoire 
7) Practice games ( with discussion during and after the game)
8) Master's Games / Games Analysis

I will make a difference to your Chess and will make your investment worth.

Don't hesitate and DM me for more details.